temporarily on hiatus

My apologies: I should have put this post up a month ago. I’ve had to put the readers advisory blog on temporary hiatus, due to (drumrolls) editing work taking up not just the time I have online, but also the time and interest I might have to spend on reading anything review-worthy.

If time permits, and editing being the erratic employment it is, I expect that yes: I will pick this up again quite soon. But no promises. Sorry.

I’m open to suggestions as to what books I might post about here; I’ll see what I can do, but please keep in mind that my main criterion is “I have to be able to finish it, and I have to be able to say something at least moderately nice about the book.” No complete hatchet jobs. (Anyone who’s been assiduously following the blog since day one can stop laughing now. I did try to find something nice about all the books. Honest.)

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